Won’t get fooled again

Warning: I’m wearing my grumpy old man pants today. Oddly enough this was spurred on by the preview of Planetary’s final issue coming out in October.

In all regards, the new Red Circle character books coming from DC should be right up my alley. I love books and heroes with Golden and Silver Age sensibilities. I love learning about reasonably¬† forgotten heroes. Re-imaginings and re-introductions are always interesting. Still, I can’t get myself excited about DC’s re-introduction of these characters. No interest in reading these books whatsoever.

I blame the man spearheading these revamps. J. Michael Straczynski has a difficult time finishing things he starts. I was burned on Rising Stars even though I defended the guy to friends and guys at the comic book stores. JMS got really sick at one point. Then book suffered delays in an almost apocalyptic fashion. I dropped it and haven’t cared enough to pick up the rest as it trickled out to an end. Wanting to give him another chance (thinking maybe Top Cow was more to blame for RS’s delays), I picked up Marvel’s Twelve. No illnesses and a solid established publisher. Is there an end in sight? No, I’m still stuck mid-mediocre-story. Aren’t there editorial policies to prevent this crap from happening?

As long as JMS is on the books, the only red circles I’ll see are


One comment on “Won’t get fooled again

  1. Jesse says:

    What about !mpact? It was relatively generic, but passable. Also, Waid. I seem to recall The Black Hood being a standout.

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