Game tape

Wednesday has come and gone. The heroes have fought their battles and villains have hinted at things to come. Now it’s time to review the game tape…

I want so badly for Justice League: Cry for Justice to be good. I thought there was a small glimmer of hope with issue two. Not so much with issue 3. The main part of the story hinges on a woeful misunderstanding of character and events. Although no one on this team was actually there, shouldn’t they have heard that Prometheus handed the collective asses of the JLoA to them on two occassions? Instead we’re treated to several pages of Hal and co. Refering to Prometheus as worse than a B-list villain. I get that Robinson is having them under-estimate Prometheus as a threat, but hubris is so much more enjoyable when it’s less wordy: “He’s just a man.” Remember that line? Summed up the downfall of the white martians pretty well. In fairness, the eight pages of Congorilla and Starman were pretty good since something is happening there. This sub plot also plays to Robinson’s strength in developing one note characters into something closer to a four part harmony. It was also nice to see some Ira Quimby action (sadly sans stylin’ specs). It hurts me physically that this title can’t be better. If you’re still buying this book it’s either because you’re a hopelessly dyed in the wool Robinson fan with $3.99 to blow, or you’re buying it for the art.

Jesse already touched on Agents of Atlas. I won’t mention it except to say that I have enjoyed many weeks… for the last year or so… where there were multiple Jeff Parker books out. Exiles ended this week with #6. Thus ends my euphoric weeks. The title was solid with interesting problems and characters you knew, but at the same time you didn’t. Parker’s dialogue is consistenly as crisp and catchy as anything Warren Ellis has written (minus the snarkiness that often shows). This issue showcased those talents well and wrapped up the title until someone else comes along and can convince Cup O’Joe to revive it.

In preparation for the movie, Jonah Hex‘s “Six Gun War” introduces Turnbull as a major antagonist in Hex’s life. Issue 47 rounds third and starts heading for home. Like any good western, it’s got to look really bleak and impossible before the hero starts killing ridiculous numbers of people. Not a problem. Lots of gun play? Check. On the whole, I enjoy this series. There’s a small part of me that thinks justice was more interesting when it was dispensed with Colts instead of by courts. Jonah Hex keeps that part of me in check.

It was a light week. I left the shop with a bill less than $20. Rare these days.


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