This Weeks Comics — and a Confession

Diamond Releases for 9/16/09

  • AGENTS OF ATLAS #11 – This is, without a doubt, the single best book I get every month and I *JUST* finished reading #9.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but the more I like a book the harder it is to crack it open.  (I’m two issues behind on Tales Designed to Thrizzle which is, at best, an annual.)  Still, every human being  (and most animals) should be reading this. This new arc follows Chris Claremont’s advice that the best stories show our heroes outmatched, so Jade Claw has her own team of agents. And a sea serpent.  Thank you for being awesome, Jeff Parker.
  • BATMAN AND ROBIN #4 – Morrison + Batman – Quitely = a knockout comic that might actually come out on time.
  • BLACKEST NIGHT #3 ( OF 8 ) – Darn you, DC!  Of all the crappy mega-events that have come out over the past few years, this is the only one I’ve really been wanting to read, and you priced it out of reach.
  • FINAL CRISIS AFTERMATH ESCAPE #5 (OF 6) – Seriously?  There’s a Final Crisis book that still hasn’t wrapped up yet?
  • MODOK REIGN DELAY – Going through the Diamond releases for this week was the first I’ve heard of this, but I’ll give it a try.  M.O.D.O.K. is only a book or two away from being tremendously over-exposed, though.
  • ULTIMATE COMICS ARMOR WARS #1 (OF 4) – Does Marvel *REALLY* have 2 Armor Wars books going on at once?  Were we clamoring for more retellings of 15 year-old stories?  With this and the new Clone Saga book coming out, apparently so.

Ursa Major: Layin' Down the Pravda Since 1981
I guess I can’t be too judgmental, though, considering I picked up the *OTHER* Iron Man: Armor Wars book.  After reading Chris Sims’ glowing review, I decided I had to pick it up.  It was a solid, no-continuity
Adventures-line book, but not as madcap and awesome as I had built it up to be in my mind. Still,  Ursa Major was exceptionally awesome.

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