Technical difficulties

Jesse and I have talked about this a couple times, but the show Big Bang Theory hits a little too close to home. I’ll spare you the wondering, Sheldon is the character I relate to the most. The difference is that I’m a little more balanced about somethings. One thing we share, and I imagine it’s common to those who collect comic books, is the sacredness of Wednesdays.

I’ve missed more days of work (eight in nine years) than I have missed Wednesdays (five in the last five years). Missing a Wednesday makes me crazy. I get irritable and moody; I bloat; I have cramps. It’s a bad time. Unfortunately, this is one of those rare weeks. To pour salt on the wound, I’m not getting books until next week for reasons that are unimportant but unavoidable.

Suffice it to say, no Game Tape today or this week. In the mean time, enjoy this picture while I cry, eat 2 pints of ice cream and complain about not fitting into my pants. All because I didn’t get books this week. Sorry guys.


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