Happy Sunday, World

I’m still reeling from Rich Johnston replying to my post yesterday, and I hope I don’t come across as an Internet Asshole™.  It’s a good reminder that even though we don’t get a ton of hits, we’re still out where people could potentially see us.  Would I say those things to Dan Brown?  Sure.  Would I defend “Fuck You, Marvel” to Joe Quesada?  Probably not, though I still think my point there was valid.

Anyway, I made it through my week of posts.  It’s much harder than I’d have thought.  Big ups to the folks out there who can do this regularly; I’m burned out.  I miss Matt very much and hope he’s with us again soon.

At any rate, I thought I’d mention

A Random List of Things I’d Like to See

  • More one-issue stories – I’m tired of “writing for the collection,” and wish I could just get more quick 22-page  stories to read in one sitting. Warren Ellis may have invented “Widescreen” with The Authority, but he ALSO does done-in-one books like Planetary and Fell.  There’s room for both, but it feels like 90% of titles are only giving us six-issue arcs.
  • Less events – Sure, readers vote with their wallets, and apparently most of us want them.  But I’m voting, too, and I’d much rather see one big mini every year or two with limited ancillary minis, spin-offs, and tie-ins.  And speaking those…
  • Less tie-ins – Maybe Final Crisis will make more sense when I read it in one sitting, but major events  occurred outside that book that were necessary to understand what was happening in the main storyline. Similarly, I just read the last issue of Green Lantern and had no idea what was going on even though I’m caught up on that book.  That doesn’t even begin to take into consideration the line-wide Secret Invasion crossovers or new Dark Reign titles.
  • More creator-owned books – Not that I don’t think there’s a place out there for any creator with a vision by this point, but the more the merrier.  Icon was a great idea from Marvel, I just wish they’d add more titles.
  • More cool promotions – It’s probably hard on comic shops, but I think the free rings DC is Think free Gorilla Man action figures!providing is an incredibly cool idea.  As soon as the Black Lantern ring came out, I’m sure everyone immediately hoped to see each Corps get their own.  Thanks, DC!
  • Less one-shots and minis – Deadpool doesn’t really need 3 books out at once, sorry.  Batman has 4 books out this week!  How much are those additional books contributing?
  • Affordable cover prices – As long as I’m dreaming…

Perhaps I’m just having a harder time dissociating hype from economic reality than I do with other aspects of the world…

I’ll be back tomorrow with a look at this week’s comics, then I’ll be hibernating for a nice long nap.


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