This Week’s Comics — And a long nap

Well, it’s back to another light week for me. This is bittersweet because there are 3 (!) Batman books out this week, This guy gets around almost as much as Wolverineand yet I’m not excited about any of them.

  • BATMAN #691 – Hey look, it’s Judd Winick not showing you it’s Black Mask!
  • BLACKEST NIGHT BATMAN #3 (OF 3) – Why am I doing this to myself? I think I just want to see a conclusion to a Blackest Night story.
  • DETECTIVE COMICS ANNUAL #11 – Last week’s Batman annual didn’t pass the flip test, even with the introduction of a new Azrael. Maybe this one will.

Congratulations to IDW for putting out a downright beautiful Bloom County collection last week! I haven’t picked it up yet, but it’s 3 years of strips on heavy paper, nicely bound and annotated. I don’t know why I love annotated comic strip collections so much, but I really enjoy the “director’s commentary”. It started with a Dilbert collection years ago, and I’ve really enjoyed the ones also put out for Pearls Before Swine and Boondocks.

I also finally got a chance to read Blackest Night #2, but for the life of me, I don’t think anything happened in it. Last week’s Batman and Robin was a very strong showing. They’re starting to make Jason Todd his own character and I *LOVE* the Silver Age-inspired Red Hood costume, with the cape and skull logo.

We'll be hibernating together, NOT sleeping together!  It's different!And that’s about it for me.  I’m going to consider the past 9 days a successful experiment and a lesson learned.

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