A Musical Digression

Sheep go to HeavenI’ll bury this underneath my post on this week’s books, but I’d like to digress for a minute to talk about something near and dear to my heart: Cake. I’ve been a fan ever since “The Distance” made it big, and eagerly look forward to each new release with an enthusiasm I probably don’t have for any other thing on the planet (when will that live album finally come out?!?!).

Last night I got to see them at a taping of the etown radio show and they put on a great show, even with the somewhat limited format of the show (headliners only play about a half-dozen songs over the course of the show). Given my unbridled enthusiasm (much like Billy Mumphrey), to hear them kick it off with three killer new pieces (so new John McCrea still had to consult a cheatsheet for lyrics) was incredible.

The second act was Chuck Prophet, who impressed me with a few really solid songs, and they got onstage together to close out the show with a mind-blowingly cool version of Sympathy for the Devil. Cake being Cake, they made the Rolling Stones standard their own, with a rollicking country feel and audience participation.

I’ve only been to one taping before, but it seems like once they thank their sponsors, they’re done. But the crowd refused to leave and it felt like the house was shaking, so the band came back out and performed an encore performance of Jolene.

Every Cake show I’ve been to (this is number 5) has been special, but this one really stands out, in no small part due to getting to hear unreleased new tracks and watch an interview with McCrea.

Goats go to HellEtown, in addition to being a nationally-syndicated radio show, also has a podcast and an online archive. This show should be online in a more edited version (they trim a 2 hour show to 1 hour) within 4-5 weeks and is well worth checking out.


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