Giant-Sized Issue 100 Spectacular!

Well, here we are, our 100th post!  While I would never make the case that it’s a huge accomplishment — we’re not putting out 100 issues of a comic or writing 1500-word columns — I think it’s worth noting (at least to ourselves) we’ve proven we can maintain a schedule.

I will crush you L.E.M.U.R. Comics Blog!  I will see you driven before me and hear the lamentation of your women!I wouldn’t have imagined we’d keep the interest or material for 100 posts.  This has effectively been four months of my life (four months that are generally busy with the start of school/ learning people’s names/ grading papers). It’s a personal achievement that I’ve had that much to say on any topic.

Well, I knew you have it in you, but I’m impressed that you’ve managed to blow off school to make with the Game Tapes every week.  Not to mention some solid off-the-cuff posts that make me really want to step up.  When we started out, my thought was that we write something that’s funny but allowing for a serious enough voice that we can also talk about craft, the industry, and whatever is going on that strikes our fancy.

Funny, I’ve always seen it as a way for the two of us to keep a conversation going about what we’re reading and thinking about comics. When I’m writing, I rarely consider having an audience as you may guess from the ill considered comments about having a crush on Grace Randolph. It never occurred to me that as vast as the internet is she would be linking to that review from her web page.
That a good point.  Our comic-based emails back and forth have scaled down considerably now that we’ve got a forum to vent about anything and everything.  But for a while I’ve been bothered that there’s not a site quite like this one (at least, not that I’ve found yet).  Whether or not we’ve succeeded is probably up for debate, but we’re trying.  We’ve had some personal successes (I thought it was exceptionally cool to get pinged by Rich Johnston) and see room for growth (I think my attempts at humor come off as anger or grumpiness), but I’m psyched with where we are and still have some goals I’d like to reach.
This blog is only possible due to the generosity of viewers like you.
I’m psyched that there are always at least four readers (you, me, and whoever else is checking daily).


We’ve got some cool plans for the future, including some fun in March, unveiling questions to hit people up with, and hopefully doing some more tag team posts.  Grumpy or no, I still want to call out absurdity where I see it.  And we’ll do our best to keep the navel gazing to a minimum.

I’ll try to be less overtly grumpy with posts or more balance with cheery and grumpy in the same post. I am looking forward to New Year’s and Valentine’s Day next year. I’ve got a little something up my sleeve for both of them. March is going to be crazy cool too.

Thanks to everyone who’s stopped by, and special thanks to anyone who’s commented.

Yay! Seconded on the thanks. What do you readers out there like/ dislike. Feedback would be nice. Want us to try something? Have an idea we can steal?  What’s up my ninjas?

What can you look forward to in our next century and beyond?

—- Some madness in March
—- New Year’s resolutions
—- Valentine’s Day…bummer
—- The untold team up of Starman and Uncle Marvel
—- Flying Cars!

Your regularly scheduled Superhero Confidential will be up tomorrow.


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