This Week’s Comics — And A Couple Reviews

It’s a good great week to be a Batman fan, and a bad terrible week to be an X-fan. (Sorry, Matt.)

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #611 – Yeah, I’m just curious to see what happens when Spider-Man meets Deadpool. If it’s happened before, I don’t remember it, so I’m excited.

BATMAN #693 – The last issue was a competent showing by Tony Daniel, though it looks like his art is becoming a little less consistent due to the addition of writing.

BATMAN AND ROBIN #6 – Still Grant Morrison, still on the pull list.

BATMAN DOC SAVAGE SPECIAL #1 – I’m no Doc Savage expert, but I’m interested in this one as long as the page count justifies the higher price tag. It looks to exist outside of the DCU, which is probably best, and the art by Phil Noto is a big, big draw.

Jimmy the Rabbit is the best Ennis character since...ever.CHRONICLES OF WORMWOOD LAST BATTLE #2 (OF 6) – I LOVED the first mini, hated the special that followed, and went back to love again with the first issue of Last Battle. This is Garth Ennis at his funniest and most offensive (without the horror aspects that turned me off of Crossed). Definitely not for the squeamish or easily offended, but that’s fine by me.

PUNISHER MAX #1 – I really, REALLY want to read Jason Aaron’s Punisher, but the $4 price tag isn’t going to let me. If his Ghost Rider run is any inclination, he’s perfect for this book. Maybe the collections will be more price-conscious.

X-BABIES #2 (OF 4) – Grrr…

Last Week’s Books

Haunt #2 was solid, and even though I was joking about Todd ripping off Spider-Man BEFORE I read it, I’m serious about it now. It’s one thing to reuse wacky poses and eye-holes, it’s another to incorporate webbing and sticking to walls. It’s the difference between your art style and your concept. Still, those looking for more McFarlane influence will be happy here, as his inks seem to be taking over Ryan Ottley’s pencils this time. Robert Kirkman’s writing will keep me coming back, at least for the first story arc.

Mommy, what happened to the nice Spider-Man?

Strange Tales wrapped up with #3, and it proved itself a classic. Cupcake by Chris Chua didn’t make any sense to me, but Michael Kupperman shows up again, and there was a terrific Beast/Morbius story by Jay Stephens and the end of  Peter Bagge’s The Incorrigible Hulk.

So…What are YOU getting this week?

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