Everyone is Suspicious if Looked at Properly

I have significantly less to add to The Prisoner discussion this time around, partly because I only watched episode 3, Anvil, and am falling behind, and partly because now that we’ve established everyone and everything and everyplace, so we already know where the similarities and differences are.  Now we’re at the meat of it.

Anvil is still moving us forward in the story, while keeping the games coming.  I liked the idea that everyone is a spy and children are indoctrinated early. If you’re going to set up a retirement colony for old spies, what else would you teach them?  The mystery of 2’s family is getting more interesting.  2’s offer of a job to 6 and admitting that he was walking into a trap was excellent.  Bonus points to anyone who noticed the Penny Farthing bicycle in the bar.

I’m intrigued about Number 1.  I seem to recall Number 2 answering to someone in the original series, and if The Usual Suspects taught me anything, it’s that the greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

I’m anxiously awaiting episode 4 now, and will keep Digressing unless someone tells me to stop.  Judging by the (lack of) comments we’ve been getting, I’m safe for now.


4 comments on “Everyone is Suspicious if Looked at Properly

  1. Matt says:

    You really need to see “Fallout.” Seriously: buy the set right now. Watch the last three episodes (of which Fallout is the last). Worst case? find it on youtube. I think amc.com might even have the episodes streamed. Precious minutes are wasted by not watching “Fallout” right now. It will throw a whole different light on some of your questions and comments. Come back tomorrow with mind blow away and eyes opened.

    • Jesse says:

      Wait, didn’t I force you to watch the first few with me when I first got the DVD’s a while back? Sadly, I didn’t buy past the first 2 sets.

      Fallout is on the TiVo waiting for me…I need to watch the last three, though?

      • Matt says:

        Yes you did force me to watch the first few episodes. I then picked up the full set for myself. Thank you.

        It’s been a few months since I saw them, but yes the last 3 are where the series wraps up. Stop wasting precious life doing anything else but watching those episodes. Don’t eat, work, or evacuate you plumbing until you’ve seen these episodes.

        Right now you only think you know what’s going on. You think you’re looking at a picture of a cow. It is, in fact, a painting of Fulton’s steam engine.

  2. Baton Rouge Harley Boy says:

    Actually, if time is a factor, you only need to watch the last TWO episodes of TOS. But it’s crucial that you NOT watch only Fallout! WARNING: the final two episodes will bend your head. If you think the ending of 2001: A Space Odyssey was obtuse, wait’ll you see the ending of The Prisoner.

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