Get a Pig — For Stability!

I’m getting hammered by apparently everyone for being behind, being dumb, and not having watched the last half dozen episodes of the original series recently.  To which I reply: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… Still, I have to call it like I see it (or don’t see it), and I’m going to keep rolling, even if I’m already wrong and alienating the 3 people just coming here for dumb cracks about comic books (hi, Mom!).

Prisoner episode 4, Darling, really hit the right notes for me in terms of keeping the tone of the original series.  We start with 6 waking up to the most ludicrous idea humanly possible, in this case a Village Matchmaking Service, he takes the bait but it’s really a misdirection while he’s being abducted in his sleep and given injections of things.  The mystery of Lucy/415 deepens, as do the secrets of 2’s family and the pills he gives his wife.  Also reminiscent of the original series is that 6 is ALWAYS wrong about women.

A couple things that struck me this time:
– No one is asking 6 for anything.  So why are we playing this game?

– 6 doesn’t remember New York except in flashbacks.  I thought the crackling images were his memories, but they’re apparently chaotic images he’s having in real time.  (Again, I’m very, very slow.)

– Wait, but he asked 2 about New York and 2 said “There is no New York”!  But wait again, why wouldn’t he have said “What is New York”?

– 6 doesn’t seem to be trying to escape.

– I have no idea what Rover is doing.  He lights up and…Some people die and some people wind up back in their beds?

Not much more to say, really.  We’re smack dab in The Middle right now, with (apparently) all to be revealed.  Forgive me as I get caught up.  My brain is a pretzel.

Be seeing you.

P.S. – Anyone know of a link to the pig poster? I can’t find it anywhere, and it was awesome.  I love the idea of a Stabilometer.  Or as I like to call it: a Pigger Counter.

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