Two open letters

Dear Fans of Squirrel Girl:

Thank you for clicking on the link that directs you to this humble computer network information web log. I understand that you are interested in a character called Squirrel Girl. There are apparently quite a few of you out there. I am sorry that you did not find the cache of Squirrel Girl related material that you most desperately sought. It is my hope that you do eventually find the information. I have heard your call for more Squirrel Girl, and I have conveyed your pleas to someone who could be of assistance to you.

In the mean time, please peruse this web log. My compatriot and I have worked hard to present it to the world.


Head Chimp

L.E.M.U.R. Comics (Web)log

Dear Joe Quesada:

Sir, I co-run a web-log on the Internet with a small, rabid, and loyal following. Over the last several months, the web-log has received an inordinate and regular amount of hits because of a tag inspired by a throw away gag.

I mention this to you because it affects one of the characters in your stable. Apparently, there is a great deal of interest on this internet regarding a character called Squirrel Girl. You may want to give this character more exposure in your fine comic books.

Thank you for your time,

Head Chimp

LEMUR Comics (Web)log

p.s. You might also find it useful to know that people on this Internet are interested in Dracula and his copulating habits with young women.


One comment on “Two open letters

  1. Ben says:

    From wikipedia:

    “Squirrel Girl carries a utility belt comprising multiple pouches that contain nuts to give as snacks to her squirrel friends. These are known, to much comedic effect, as her “nut sacks”.”

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