This Week’s Comics — Or Lack Thereof

Yet ANOTHER ridiculously light week for me!  This is the worst December for comics I can remember.  The good news is that it’ll give me a chance to catch up on trades that I’ve been slipping on, and crack open the Golden Age Starman Archives that Matt recommended.

BLACKEST NIGHT JSA #1 (OF 3) – Has a single one of these BN minis been any good?  I picked up The Flash’s 2 weeks ago and it was fairly awful.
CAPTAIN AMERICA REBORN WHO WILL WIELD THE SHIELD – The Captain America variant of “Battle for the Cowl” is fairly intriguing, but I confess that I’m a bit more fascinated with the parallels between the recent deaths and rebirths of Cap and Batman.  We’ll see if this one passes the flip test.
GREEN LANTERN #49 (BLACKEST NIGHT) – Still the best Blackest Night book on the stands right now.
IMAGE UNITED #2 (OF 6) – Obviously.

That’s it for me.  What are YOU getting?

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