Random Links For Your Weekend – EXTRA!!!

Inspired by some more of Matt’s links, here’s a few more things that shouldn’t wait until next weekend.

Here are a few more highlights of The ISB’s 30 Second Recap content before you see the winner.

And while we’re talking about The ISB, I haven’t read Blackest Night: Wonder Woman but I like Sims’ analysis of it.  I imagine mine would be similar if I was brave enough to crack it open.  I did pick up BN: JSA yesterday, though.  I didn’t want to, but I want to know if Robinson can still pull off the JSA.

Bleeding Cool shows some Neal Adams pages for Batman: Odyssey and they look INCREDIBLE!  Is Frank Miller still writing this?  Because he needs to bring his A game for this one.

This is unrelated to comics but still needs to be shown.

As much as I love the 80’s, I’m still a bit wary of anything the studios try to revive.  That said, the CONCEPT behind The A-Team really is a solid one.   5 guys framed for a crime they didn’t commit?  Why not?

And finally, the Sunday funnies don’t get enough play around here.  Let’s fix that with this winner.


3 comments on “Random Links For Your Weekend – EXTRA!!!

  1. Baton Rouge Harley Boy says:

    Neal Adams is, in my opinion, the best artist to ever take pencil (pen?) to paper. Other than Jack Kirby and the team of Curt Swan and Murphy Anderson, he is also the only artist whose work I can (almost) instantly recognize. That should give you a good indication of how old I am. I wish I could quantify my opinion of Mr. Adams, but all I can confidently offer is: Jeez, he’s good.

  2. Jesse says:

    He’s pretty good, alright. I’m sure you recognize more people than you’d think, though. Here’s a list:
    Jim Aparo
    Steve Ditko
    Carmine Infantino
    John Romita
    Dick Sprang

    I’ve got a post in me on how Neal Adams turned The Batman completely around in one month. I have proof.

    • Baton Rouge Harley Boy says:

      While I certainly recognize the names, I have to honest and admit that I would not necessarily recognize their work. I wish I was better at it, I really do.

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