This Week’s Comics

Because of the Martin Luther King holiday, I’m surprised that New Comic Book Day (from here on NCBD) is still Wednesday, but Diamond says it is, so it is.  Maybe they’ll startle me by having shipping some comics I’m actually going to pick up.  Here’s what I’m looking at this week.

  • AVENGERS VS AGENTS OF ATLAS #1 – I hope there are some extra pages in here to justify the $4 price tag, because I really want to read this.
  • BLACKEST NIGHT THE FLASH #2 (OF 3) – I completely forgot what happened in the first issue and I haven’t read one BN mini that I’ve actually enjoyed (JSA is still waiting on me), so I’m going to pass.
  • STARMAN #81 (BLACKEST NIGHT) – It’s James Robinson and it’s Starman, so I’m in, but I’m only cautiously optimistic.  My confidence is that Robinson’s more attached to these characters, than I am.  The synopsis sounds good, though.

And…I guess that’s it for me.  Another stunningly light week.  Expect some back issue reviews later in the week, because I’ve been reading some pretty cool stuff lately.  And what are YOU getting this week?

2 comments on “This Week’s Comics

  1. Saint Walker says:

    I actually liked the BN: Superman mini, though I’m willing to admit there may have been some fanboyish bias involved. The Batman one was also fun, if only for Dick’s “No, other Robin” bit.

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