Game Tape: The Ultimate Sacrifice

Wednesday has come and gone. The heroes have fought their battles and villains have hinted at things to come. Now it’s time to review the game tape…

This week’s return comes with that not so fresh and not so clean feeling. There were two stores in town: mine and the other. I got this week’s comics from the other store…feels dirty. The guy behind the counter was, if you’ll pardon the expression, practically creaming his pants at the thought of another customer moving from my old store. Anyway…

How lucky to get two GI Joe books in one week. Origins #11 featured Beach Head. I want to say it was great, but I’m going to say this one was only okay. I think my judgement’s clouded on this issue. I love Beach Head. The more Beach Head, the merrier. As much as I appreciate the prevalence of green in his character design, it’s the voice got me. Really, it’s the voice casting as a whole that made the show so enjoyable for me. But I digress. Boilerplate story about soldiers sent to South America to stop a drug cartel. Things kinda go south. It’s Beach Head though so…Yay!

The regular series saw issue #14 come out. It’s enjoyable, but there wasn’t much to it. Extract Professor MacGuffin before Cobra does. Could have been better if it hadn’t felt so rushed. Bazooka fans will enjoy this though. Oh…and we see Snake-Eyes having a one-sided “come to Jesus” talk with the Hard Master.

I’m curious to hear what Jesse thinks of Starman 81 (Blackest Night). We were both really big Starman fans back in the day. This book is the reason I gave in and drove out of the way to this other store this week.

For me, this issue was a little schizophrenic. Some scenes were classic Robinson with hip (or at least obscure) pop culture references and a charming talkyness. Other parts of the book felt too fast. Scenes that should have taken their time were written in a choppy short hand. On the plus side, it gives readers a nice picture of Opal post-Jack. If we’re all lucky, Jesse will finally regale us with the story of how and why he was stalked and accosted by James Robinson.

Dan Slott is back on deck for Amazing Spider-Man #618. There’s a new arc with Mysterio and the Maggia crime family. Beating up gangsters and getting beaten up by Aunt May make for a pretty good issue. I think my favorite moment in the book is on the very first page, but I’m a sucker for a good (read: bad) pun. Looking forward to seeing where this is headed.

I also picked up Spider-Man 1602 #4 and Avengers vs. Agents of Atlas #1, but I haven’t read them yet. I want to savor these two Parker gems so I’ll post those over the weekend.

Unfortunately, this other store does not carry the Muppet books. I’m out last week’s regular book and this week’s Peter Pan #4. I’m beginning to suspect that the universe is conspiring against me and my comic collection.


2 comments on “Game Tape: The Ultimate Sacrifice

  1. Jesse says:

    The latest issue of The Muppet Show was incredible! Punch as many pants-creaming counter jockeys as it takes to get one.

  2. Matt says:

    On it boss. With one game in town now, ordering it’s the only way to go.

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