Best. Sound Effects. Ever.

The Incredible Hercules: Love and War broke some new ground in funnybooks by having the greatest sound effects ever. Never have I seen them play such an integral role.

In honor of the 12 trials of Hercules, here are the 12 greatest SFX in Love and War.

12 – Sploingbrraahhhm

Namor dropping wreckage on


11 – Sproy Bloom!

Herc and Namora being

exploded out of the sky

10 – Pish Posh

Hercules and Namora landing in

the water

9 – Meeeaannarrraaganaa

A sea monster (obviously)

8 – Tic Tac Toe

Amadeus Cho being fired on

7 – Lqwwwrrrgh

??? I don’t even know how to

read this!

6 – Shtuuup!

Namora exploding a missle

(among other things)

5 – Krakkinajaa!

Namora kicking an Amazon

(appropriately) in the jaw


Two heads being cracked


3 – Nuhkrakk!

The sound of Atlas being

punched in the taint by


2 – Crakkajamma!

(See above)


Herc attacking the Amazons

and rescuing Amadeus Cho*

Honorable mentions go to: Kroik, Swoo-Bakok, Kasploosh, Skrrakkkabadooom!, Skrim! Skraam!, Schmackooom!, and Speerra-Booooom!  Thanks for playing our game, you’ll be going home with a travel edition of “Sounds Things Make When They’re Hit”.

(And please do notice all the FX that focus on hitting things, lest anyone think I was lying about all the action in this book.)

*The first peson in the comments to describe what’s so great about this effect gets to…I dunno, post something on behalf of the Facebook group.

6 comments on “Best. Sound Effects. Ever.

  1. Saint Walker says:

    *I’m not familiar with the Marvel Herc or his adventures, so I’m just going to assume you’re referring either to the painfully obvious WW-worthy sexism, or the eternal conundrum of trying to discern the pronunciation of sdrawkcab hceeps. I still like, “crakkajamma,” myself.

    And what do you mean, “The first person in the comments?” No one ever comments on this blog. Ever. It’s a scientific fact. This “comment” itself is just a delusion you and Matt concocted to deal with your isolation in the Interwebs.

    *Glances at username*
    Aw, crap. OK. Don’t worry, you’ve got lots of followers. In fact, this post alone will get dozens of loyal fans coming out of the woodwork to show their support. In two years, you’re going to be on your wristwatch cellphone scheduling an interview and photo shoot with Geoff Johns (a huge fan of the site) while driving around in the Prius you bought with the L*E*M*U*R T-shirt sales profits.

    • Jesse says:

      No one comments except you (and Stephen) because no one reads. We’re shouting into a black hole of Intarwebdom, but that’s okay.

      You haven’t won the prize (yet), but Matt *SHOULD* give you something awesome for providing the longest comment yet. What do delusions like to receive?

  2. Andrew says:

    MAN ATTACK!! It would appear the SFX department at marvel has been reading transcripts of my saturday nights…

    • Jesse says:

      MANATTACK it is! And how else would you describe the sound that’s made when you attack an army of Amazons?

      Send us your message and we’ll forward it with all of the authority that a Facebook group with 11 members can muster.

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