The reason I travelled the multiverse was to find that A-hole, Hank Pym. Nobody ganks MY styz-ile!


People always ask why I keep coming back to Jean. It's like my old man always said, "If you find a woman who can cook, you hold on to her like grim death. Even if she kills your best friend's wife and partially burns the body to hide the evidence."


A couple of years ago, I got slapped with a lawsuit for asking a female lab assistant if she'd take a look at my white dwarf star.


I hang around and on Hawkman because he smells like Granny Smith apples...naturally.


I've been living at Toys 'R Us for the last four years. A Barbie Dream House isn't so bad when it's rent free.


5 comments on “Atom…SECRETS!

  1. Saint Walker says:

    Pfft, the Atom is just the rich man’s Dollman.
    I’m somewhat hesitantly curious about what part of that post related to the restaurant tag.

    • Matt says:

      I’m disinclined to take anyone seriously that integrates bare legs into his costume. Though, Dollman totally rocked that cape.

    • Jesse says:

      Let’s just say that we once had a waitress misinterpret a comment for Matt as a comment for her. I maintain that the service was crappy anyway, however.

      • Matt says:

        This long after the event, I prefer to remember that she was angry and embarrassed that we discovered her secret re: goats. I’m sure that’s how it happened.

  2. Jesse says:

    I can work with that.

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