Game Tape

Wednesday has come and gone. The heroes have fought their battles and villains have hinted at things to come. Now it’s time to review the game tape…

First let me begin by saying that I have had a nagging suspicion that I was unfair to Mr. Geoff Johns and Green Lantern #50. I pulled it out of the To Be Filed stack and reread it Monday. No worries. It’s still crap. A bunch of useless punching on the Zombie Spectre. A bit of alternate whining, rambling, and blustering. A “big” reveal spoiled if you bothered to look at the cover. Absolute waste of a book. I think I mistranslated the nagging suspicion as being too fair to Johns. I should have been much more apoplectic in my response.

Soooo… this week:

Honestly, I’m not getting a whole lot out of Morrison’s Batman and Robin. It’s not bad, but it still reads as a place holder for Bruce’s further adventures. After some nifty concepts in the last issue, we get a weak payoff here. You know what Morrison doesn’t write well? People beating the crap out of each other for pages. You know what we get with issue #8? People beating the crap out of each other for pages. We do hop in the Wayback machine to see something related to Bruce’s true whereabouts. We also see someone die within spitting distance of a Lazarus Pit. So what?

On the other hand, Slott’s Amazing Spider-Man continues to be really solid.  Each individual arc focuses on a single member of the Sinister Six. Each arc is crafted in such a way that you don’t really notice that the creative team is building toward something huge and uncomfortable for everyone’s favorite wall crawler. I’m still really liking this slow build. This concluding issue to the Mysterio arc was quite satisfactory. The banter hits the right notes. Mysterio’s motives hearken back to the days when uncomplicated greed was the only motivation a criminal needed for developing a gimmick. It’s been a well crafted gem. Where else are you going to find the line, “Muppet head kick! hee yah!”? The art’s been nice too. It’s an interesting blend of Romita Sr. and Jr. It takes the best of both of them. Anyway, if you can find it cheap, it’s really worth picking up.

I should have known better; I really should have known. It’s just that I’m a sucker for a book with a clothed monkey on the cover (I bought that Dr. Fate book with Detective Chimp on the cover solely on the strength of the Bolland cover). I suspect Jesse had this in mind when he posted the cover on Monday. That the monkey is holding two automatic pistols is just that extra bit of catnip for me. The origin story is silly; outside of being bloody and violent, it’s straight from Marvel’s (pre-FF) Silver Age. Hit-Monkey probably wouldn’t survive as a series; it’s a little too gimmicky. Still, it was a fun first issue. Definitely worth getting from the bargain bins. I wouldn’t recommend spending the full price for this one unless you’re ga ga for monkeys with guns.

I also picked up Booster Gold. It was okay. X-Men Forever was yeoman’s work too; Claremont continues to shine here without Wolverine.

What I didn’t get were the two Muppet books. Damnation.


One comment on “Game Tape

  1. Jesse says:

    I think the joke is “Well, here’s another fine mess…”

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