It came from the mailbox

Missing the first two issues of the new Muppet Show book here in town, I ordered the first one from the internet. It’s everything Jesse said and more. Roger Langridge continues to to demonstrate brilliance regarding the style of the Muppet Show. Anybody that’s going to make a running gag by paraphrasing Oscar Wilde is working on a whole other level of genius that we mere mortals can not touch.

The real gem in my package was Gumby’s Summer Fun Special.

For those that don’t know, I’ve been preaching the Gospel of Gumby since I discovered the Bob Burden series from a couple of years ago. It was consistently the weirdest, trippiest book on the market. Here are some high lights: Gumby is turned into a Golem and is forced to join a circus; He and Pokey eat too many crayons and go on a psychedelic journey inside of Gumby to purify is body of the poison; The ghost of Johnny Cash saves the day. Reading these books is as close to LSD use as I am likely to get. The good thing here though is that there are no bad trips or infusions of vitamin C. Did you ever find something that was so good that you couldn’t really explain how good it was? That’s how it is with Gumby. You can find the issues cheaply on-line.

So you’re probably asking yourself why pick up Gumby’s Summer Fun Special? Well, it’s written by Bob Burden so it’s got that same wildness (more even since it was written in 1987 and everything was weirder in the ’80’s). Surprisingly, it’s also drawn by, get this, Art Adams. It’s no hyperbole to say that this book has everything: a suicidal next door neighbor, strange whistles from many planets, a family of robots, aliens, a werewolf babysitter, astronaut bears, pumpkin eaters, pirates, an Avon lady, and Gumby. Hard as it may be to believe, this all makes sense within the story. The story doesn’t get you, the art will. Adams makes the prettiest looking Gumby comic allowed by law.

Don’t take my word for it, check it out yourself!


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