Stan Lee said he found me in the back of a filing cabinet. That's not true, I sprang fully formed from Alan Moore's Marvelman.

The Void and I take an annual trip to Atlantic City with our wives. Engelbert Humperdinck puts on a hell of a show.

I went into prop comedy for about 18 months. I did okay, but I sold my best gags to Carrot Top and Gallagher.

I'm entired composed of wormy tentacles. Oh, wait...That's not a secret any more.

3 comments on “Sentry…SECRETS!

  1. Jesse says:

    I’m pretty enamored by my idea of Marvel asshole-izing their universe. The Sentry is a great example of this (but not as good as Iron Man). I guess my disgruntledness is showing, and not in a sexy way.

  2. Saint Walker says:

    I’ve gotta say, these seem to have more impact when you have the little voice whispering, “SECRETS…,” between each one.
    Well, that, and when I’ve actually heard of the character in question, but that’s my problem. Someday, when they stop letting Stan Lee explain physics and the X-men have less than a dozen titles, maybe I’ll get into Marvel.

    • Jesse says:

      Fair enough…I’ll try to remember to stick to the format.

      The first Sentry mini was very good, though. And Jeff Parker’s “Age of the Sentry” was excellent, especially if you like Silver Age Superman stories (which it appears that you do).

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