This Week’s Comics

Diamond’s website keeps failing on me, but this week’s releases are finally up.  Here’s what I’m looking at.

  • BATMAN AND ROBIN #9 – The beginning of the Return of Bruce Wayne…Kinda.  The twists and turns are definitely keeping this interesting.
  • BLACKEST NIGHT #7 (OF 8 ) – Curiosity just gets the best of me at this point.
  • FLASH REBIRTH #6 (OF 6)   – Barry Allen, Most Boring Man Alive finally wraps up.
  • IMAGE UNITED #0 (OF 6) – This one is going to have to pass the page test, since my Liefeld-sense is tingling that this is going to be 16 pages of sketches to mask the fact that issue 3 is WAAAAAAY overdue.
  • THUNDERBOLTS #141 – It’s not that I love the Thunderbolts that much, even with Parker writing, but it’s a pretty solid book and I’m anticipating his run once Luke Cage comes in and revamps the team.That’s it for me.  What are YOU looking at?


2 comments on “This Week’s Comics

  1. Matt says:

    Okay. As much as I’ve groused, I’m still curious to see how BN’s going to end. Dammit. I’ll probably pick this one up too.

    Good call on Rebirth. Why does Johns have to make the least interesting secret identity that much more dull? What’s that make Professor Zoom? Here’s a man who has devoted his life to acts of dickery regarding Barry. Killed a puppy, pushed a kid down the stairs, and murdered a kid’s parents. I see why this guy is a feared member of the Rogues.

    Wait…there’s an Image book by one or more of the founders that’s got delay issues? Surely you jest sir!

    • Jesse says:

      I can’t wait for the inevitable finger-pointing. I’m guessing the delay is The Rob or Todd.

      Dickery indeed! At the very least we can say Zoom isn’t misunderstood. He probably also hid under Barry’s bed and made ghost sounds, then put his hand in warm water once he fell asleep.

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