Batman — Secrets!

There's two reasons the Rogues never came to Gotham. They've got ten fingers and they're at the end of my arms.


I found out that Catwoman uses that whip in strange ways...She can scramble eggs with it, and she does this cool thing with a grapefruit.


My parents once took me to see this great comedian. He was apparently some failed engineer giving comedy a try. No one else laughed, but I thought he was hilarious.


Once I punched George Clooney in the balls so hard they came out mouth.


The only thing under this cowl is another fist.



One comment on “Batman — Secrets!

  1. Saint Walker says:

    Holy backstory references, Batman!

    Actually, I’d pay to see Batman vs. Norris, almost as much as I’d pay to see Batman vs. Squirrel Girl.
    Oh, who am I kidding? I’d pay to see Adam West put on the old costume and do the Batusi.

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