This Week’s Comics — Not a Dream! Not an Imaginary Story!

Yeah, I’m actually picking up some books this week!  Here’s what I’m looking at…

BATMAN AND ROBIN #10 – Every month Grant Morrison shows us how to write Batman.  It’s fun, action-packed, and full of crazy ideas that other books wouldn’t touch (would anyone else write a mainstream superhero book full of British colloquialisms that require an annotated guide?).  This is also the only book talking about the missing Bruce Wayne, if that kind of thing interests you.
EX MACHINA #48 – I haven’t read anything about it in quite a while, but I’m still working on the assumption that this is the last issue, and indeed, the story has felt like it’s wrapping up.  Totally worth picking up in trades if you’ve missed out on this one, but don’t start here.
WEEKLY WORLD NEWS #3 – The second issue didn’t impress me as much as the first, which makes me think that I was held sway by the novelty, but it *WAS* in color for the same price as the first issue, and we
got to see the Manigator and the Chaos Cloud, so all-in-all I’m still on-board.

That’s it for me.  What are YOU getting?


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