Superhero Confidential — Final Edition!

Those COMIC BOOK CHARACTERS  and their army of LAWYERS have put a TEMPORARY HALT to the TRUTH!  We will return!  FREE PRESS CANNOT BE STOPPED!

Which HIP-HOP BOOMBOX was busted making out with HIS ENEMY COUNTERPART???

Which GOLD BUG was seen BUZZING AROUND Dandy Dan's Cabaret with a bouquet for MISS EMMA ROBOHUMPER???

Who is the VISION caught while INVISIBLE under ARCEE's bed???

What ROBOSAURUS was overheard properly speaking in the FIRST PERSON???

Who is the FIRED-UP JET got so upset at his GASSY BIG-SCREEN PORTRAYAL that he went to MICHAEL BAY'S HOUSE and stepped on his children's dog??? In front of them!

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