Game Tape of Earth, LIVE!*, **, ***

Wednesday has come and gone. The heroes have fought their battles and villains have hinted at things to come. Now it’s time to review the game tape…

* Diamond screwed over both stores here this week only DC books came to both stores. My hatred for you, Diamond Distributors, is of a blistering white heat.

** Live in the title should rhyme with give, not five.

*** Spoilers are written in white text. Don’t highlight empty space unless you’ve made your peace with your Almighty.

I couldn’t find a cover shot for Blackest Night #8, but the Aquaman is a vastly superior improvement. So the story finally ends and we learn what it was all for. For some heroes, to quote Ghostbusters II, “Death is but a door, time is but a window.” Others apparently do not chose to walk through the door. There were lots of returns, not everyone you would expect or hope for either. Although I’m personally excited about the return of the Martian Manhunter. The return of the Anti-Monitor is curious too. Naturally things wrap up into a tidy package at the end with a set up for the next arc.

Still really hard to swallow that the last 3(?) issues of this and Green Lantern all took place in a 24 hour period. Hella-lame, Johns. Also, it sounds like Johns is laying down the law on “Dead means DEAD” for the DC Universe… whatever.

I’ve been on about the story this whole time, but I should point out that each issue has looked spectacular. Even with the Larfleeze issues, Reis, Mahnke and co. have presented something that’s always pretty to look at if not always pretty to read.

Justice League of America #43 returns to suffering from being dependent on the Cry for Justice mini. Robinson works hard to make this work. It fails for a number of reasons though. Saddled with this mini and the current RISE AND FALL one-shots, hurts; there are odd entrances and exits, and the things that he’s setting up for the future feel shoehorned into this issue. None of this is helped by the indeterminate amount of time that passes. Is it days? Weeks? Months? C’mon!

I’m not sure why the preview image for Justice Society of America #37 is right except for the coloring and lack of swastikas on the chest emblems. It’s a little thing, but it kind of bugs me. Anyway, the book itself is pretty good. It’s the second act in Willingham’s JSA v. Nazi story. The framing device of looking back on the events years later works nicely for me. I’m a sucker for stories from the not too distant future. Everybody is getting nice character moments in this one, and we see how these bums managed to take everyone down. We also get a chance to see who survived and who didn’t. All around a pretty good book in a week deprived of most books.

I also picked up the first three issues of The Siege. More on that later. The short of it is, why is it a bragging point that this story was seven years in the making?


One comment on “Game Tape of Earth, LIVE!*, **, ***

  1. Jesse says:

    Damn! A brother can’t even read his own blog! Tomorrow, Game Tape…Tomorrow.

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