THE LIST – LSH Waiting list

This time of year, teens across the nation are on pins and needles hoping to receive acceptance letters from their top choice university. Some are accepted, some are rejected, and some are placed in a limbo known as THE WAITING LIST.

As the french say, the more things change, the more they stay the same. In the 30th Century, hundreds of millions of teens apply to The Legion of Superheroes. A very few are accepted; but a slightly larger number of them are placed on a waiting list in case something should happen and a member can no longer fulfill the duties. HERE IS THAT MEMBERSHIP WAITING LIST.

Kitten Boy of Furb’l  (harnessing the power of kittens!)

My-Daddy’s-Rich-and-Bought-Me-These-Powers Lad from Earth

Old-Enough-to-Buy-Beer Lad of Kegger V

She-Looked-Like-She-Was-22 Girl of Jailbait II

20/20 Vision Lass of Optoma III

Scat Lad – hipster from Jazzulon III (Silver Age)

Scat Lad – feces-flinger from Crapulon IV (Modern Age)

Mustache Lass and Goatee Lad from Hirsute Gamma

Exact-Change Girl from a Pocket Galaxy

Proper-Seasoning Lass and Souflee Lad from Kitchenette (They’re the galaxy’s greatest teen chefs)

Human Beatbox Lass from Bizmar Three

Antidote Girl

Matter Crapping Lass of the Spiral Galaxy

Draws a Straight Line Without A Ruler Boy

Girl Lass of System XX

Condiment Kid from Heinz LVII


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