A while back I did a post featuring mustaches on various characters. For no other reason than it amuses me, I’m returning to that idea. Here are some Justice League of America members sporting their favorite ‘stache styles.

Son, don't make me climb out of your mother's bed to kick your ass!

Sorry ladies, this dreamboat is spoken for.

Martians don't really "get" the whole mustache concept

Ladies, want to see how many of us can fit in the back of my Chevy Nova? We'll fit more without our clothes.

Superman, P.I. Eat your heart out Selleck


2 comments on “‘Stached

  1. Saint Walker says:

    As both a bearer and lover of moustaches, I’d be remiss not to comment.

    HM: Oh, an ancient Egyptian moustache? It took me a minute.
    F: OMG, the Flash is Tom Lennon!
    MM: Bwahaha. Looks like a bad toupe to me. 😛
    GL: OK, ignoring the relatively crappy job on the ‘stache, this mostly reminds me of the “Mexican Superfriends” sketch from Family Guy.
    SM: Wow, Kal actually looks really good with a ‘stache. Useful, too. I mean, usually crooks are like, “Oh, no, there’s Superman. The big boyscout will probably turn us in to the police. Let’s shoot at him.” You show up with a soup strainer like that, though, and people know you mean business. It’d be like, “Oh, shit, it’s Superman! Let’s drop our guns and fall to our knees, and hope the fact that we’re pissing our pants keeps him from ripping our heads off with his bare hands, ’cause I’m pretty sure he could do that even without superpowers.” Except they wouldn’t actually be saying that, because they’d be too busy babbling incomprehensibly through their tears.

    You know, I kind of understand the whole “clean-shaven good guy” archetype, but I still think there should be more comic book heroes with facial hair. Seriously, I can’t think of a single one off the top of my head. Not all guys with moustaches are evil, you know. Heck, even Ned Flanders has a caterpillar on his lip, and he makes Capt. Marvel look like a wife-beating asshole.

    • Matt says:

      I spent a fair amount of time making the mustaches as crappy as possible…with the exception of Superman’s. So, I thank you for noticing.

      As to heroes with mustaches, they are few and far between: Tony Stark, Green Arrow, Niles Caulder (well a full beard), Thor has on occasion sported a full beard, Mr. America, Aquaman, Dr. Strange, Hercules…

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