At Long Last: The Bat-List!

Batman’s utility belt is famous for being stocked to the gills with useful gadgets.  Like any man’s European carry-all, however, sometimes things stay in there longer than their usefulness…Or are just plain unnecessary.

This week’s LIST: The Most Useless Items in Batman’s Utility Belt

  • Key for locker 234 at Gotham Bus Terminal

  • 6 month old grape fruit roll-ups

  • The Starland Vocal Band’s Greatest Hits on vinyl

  • A half bottle of Pepsi Blue

  • 64 MB thumb drive

  • Sunscreen

  • Quarter for an emergency phone call

    (even though there are no more public phones and the few left take 50 cents)

  • A View-Master reel “Yosemite National Park.”

  • Pedicure kit

  • A coupon for a free appetizer from Bennigans, good before August 31, 2004

  • Guacamole

  • The Bat-Beeper

  • Carl Yastrzemski rookie card

  • A ticket stub to “Weekend at Bernie’s II”

  • Bat Mite Repellant

    (is it a bat-repellant for mites or a Bat-Mite Repellant?  Who Knows?!?!)

  • A spec script for Mr. Belvedere entitled, “The one where Mr. B loses his virginity to Natalie: A very special Facts of Life crossover.”


2 comments on “At Long Last: The Bat-List!

  1. Matt says:

    You know, it’s taken me until now (Sunday) to realize Batman is carrying a guitar controller. I thought you were referencing “Batman: Arkham Asylum.”

  2. Jesse says:

    🙂 Yeah, he’s got a guitar hero controller. I just wish I could have worked out a way to have the Rock Band drum kit, too.

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