This Week’s Comics

It’s another short week, but that’s okay.  I picked up TONS of killer quarter books from ComicFest yesterday so I’ve got plenty to read (West Coast Avengers, here I come!).  Here’s what I’m looking at this week:

  • AVENGERS VS ATLAS #4 (OF 4) – And we come to the end of the time-spanning AoA vs Avengers crossover.  It’s been cool to see our Agents meeting up with different eras of Avengers, and this is has been a great fill-in until the new Atlas series starts up.
  • GREEN LANTERN #53 – Post-Blackest Night, this is probably where we’ll see the most in terms of cosmic DCU after-shocks.  I’m looking forward to it.  For all of Johns’ recent shortcomings, they haven’t been on this title.

Which brings us, somehow, to last week.  I was able to restrain myself from picking up Flash #1, but in spite of Matt’s unimpressed review and Chris Sims’ outright negative review I had to pick up Brightest Day #0 for myself.  They’re both right, and the first page with it’s dead baby bird and precious use of the phrase “Brightest Day” should have been my first indication.  The whole book is super-navel gazing not super-heroing, and while that works to some extent for a first issue, there’s no indication it’s going to get any better, just that we’re going to get another version of 52 starring Deadman.  Thanks but no thanks.

I also have a problem with Johns’ version of Guy Gardner.  At first I liked that he was still a jerk, but the good-hearted side shone through a little more.  Now he’s just written like “Earnest Guy Gardner” from the JLI days, except not funny or ironic.  Here was a character you hated, true, but he at least had his own personality different from anyone else in the DCU.  Now he’s just like every other Lantern: sincere, dammit!  And I think I’m going to pass from here on out.

So that’s it for me.  What are YOU Getting?


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