Game Tape

It’s time, once again, for Game Tape reviews: the continuing story of a quack who’s gone to the dogs.

From my reviews of his books, it probably sounds like I hate Geoff Johns. Couldn’t be farther from the truth. Johns’ name attached to a project is not the kiss of death for me that someone like Joe Casey carries. He’s a genuinely nice guy; I’ve had the chance to meet and talk with him for more than five minutes at cons. There aren’t many writers out there with as vast and deep a knowledge of (any) character. Still, he’s got his strengths and his weaknesses. We see these both in Green Lantern #53. Strength: no one in this book acts in an uncharacteristic way. Strength: there are many cool story ideas coming down the line in the GL universe. Weakness: while an issue following a major event should probably deal with the aftermath, it should not be an issue 0 style string of teasers. Johns’ famously created that concise and fun teaser page with JSA, Flash, Superman, and Green Lantern. Unfortunately, here he’s turned it into a long form. Weakness: cool ideas are often ruined when they’re blown up into too large a scale. Blackest Night being the prime example. Suffice it to say, I liked #53. It was fun and exciting to see what’s planned. I did not enjoy having to pay so much for a “story.” It’s like paying to see a movie and only watching the trailers.

I still don’t really understand what happened in the main story of Avengers vs. Atlas. There was a time displacement thing, and somehow it involved Kang and that useless poor man’s Ray Palmer: Hank Pym. Apparently the old school Avengers are AWESOME and everyone since are poseurs. Confusion aside, I’ve enjoyed this mini-series. The interactions between different eras of the Avengers and the Agents of Atlas were entertaining. The fights have been fun and well scripted/ drawn.

Imagine I’ve written another paragraph about how fantastic it is to read Jeff Parker. I’ve run out of ways to say he’s crazy good; either you believe me by now or not.

I will say that the back-up story was strikingly good.  Gorilla Man is featured in this one, and I was surprised. We get a great and rare moment of pathos. We see a deeper level to Ken Hale than we’ve seen in the bravado and joking that are his hallmark.

The Last Stand of the Wreckers #4 was good and ominous. A serious of hard decisions are made and ‘bots keep dying like it’s The Dirty Dozen. I was not expecting Aequitas to be what it is. Kup gets medieval on some Decepti-asses, but Perceptor comes off as a bit of a tool. There’s also some sort of secret that makes at least one Autobot question Looking forward to the next issue to have all Hell break loose. I’ve always liked the idea of this team of Autobots, They’re the guys that go in and do the dirty work that no one wants to acknowledge needs doing, and they tend to skirt the acceptable boundaries of behavior for an Autobot. Think robotic A-Team and you’re close.

That’s a wrap on this week. I found the entire A-Team – Shotgun Wedding for cheap, so I picked it up. I just haven’t read it yet.


One comment on “Game Tape

  1. Jesse says:

    A muppet reference right next to an Agents of Atlas reference? I tip my cap to you, sir!

    I’m good and ready for GL #53 now. Thank you.

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