THE LIST – I sell Propane and Propane accessories

Not everyone in costume with superpowers is a billionaire industrialist like Tony Stark. Nor can they make their own costumes out of science! like Reed Richards. Certainly, not everyone has access to a tailor such as Paul Gambi. So where do the other guys and gals buy their necessary paraphernalia? This week’s list answers that question.

Stores that cater to the needs of Supers:

Fairchild’s Secrets: Strategically Places Small Pieces of Fabric

All ‘Bout Pants that Stretch and Turn Purple

Nothing But Ankle Pouches!

Grapnels ‘N Thingz

Schwartz’s Super-Logo Designs: for all your chest emblem needs

John Elway’s Volkswagen and Volkswagen-Sized Guns Dealership of Thornton

Everything’s a Dollar…and Green and Purple

Baryshnikov’s – Slippers for the Liefeld-Footed Man

Miss Shapen: Boutique for the anthropomorphic and oddly deformed

Sivanna Brothers serving the discerning mad scientist since 1939

Otto’s – For The Plus-Sized Super-Villain

S.H.I.E.L.D.-Sonoma – For all your overpriced gadgetry needs

Fashionableman (a subsidiary of Fashionable Male)

Gleek’s Primate Supplies


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