The Best Day of the Year!

It’s almost upon us!  The best day of the year!  Yes, Free Comic Book Day is this Saturday, May 1st.  Not  only is it a chance for those of us who are already addicted to catch some great sales and snag some free books, but it’s a wonderful opportunity for us to evangelize about our love of the art form.  With comic book movies among the highest grossing, college courses on comics catching on, and an unprecedented breadth of genres to pick from, we are truly looking at a golden age of acceptance.  Do your part: get the word out.

There will be haters, but now is the time when we must put our best foot forward and make sure that we do not let someone judge an entire medium by it’s weakest examples. The format of the novel shouldn’t be suspect because Hardy Boys novels are juvenile, and comic books shouldn’t be denigrated because Deadpool is, either (not that there’s anything wrong with the Hardy Boys or Deadpool).

FCBD is our chance to yell at the world that comics have everything to offer.  Use your voice.

I’d like to throw out some quick plugs for comic shops that the Colorado half of the L.E.M.U.R. Comics Blog will be hitting this weekend.  These are not coincidentally also the shops cool enough let us put out fliers in their stores*, but they’ve historically put on great showings for FCBD.

Mile High Comics – Thornton
8806 Washington Street
Thornton, CO 80229
(303) 457-2612

I Want More Comics
10343 North Federal Boulevard
Westminster, CO 80260
(303) 466-1620

Hero Headquarters
8757 North Sheridan Boulevard
Westminster, CO 80003
(303) 426-0768

Time Warp Comics & Games
3105 28th Street
Boulder, CO 80301
(303) 443-4500

*Not that anyone said no, these are all the shops I asked.  Denver has plenty more quality comic retailers worth checking out.

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