Game Tape: All is right with the world

In honor of Free Comic Book Day, my LCS reopened across the street from the old store, and they threw a small party: complete with cake and special guest stars!

But that’s not why you’re here.

The euphoria of Wednesday books has worn off; now it’s time to review the game tape and see what worked and what didn’t.

It’s a short review this go round. Two books were worth writing about. Everything was pretty decent, but two stood out.

Did I mention last month that I like Andy Clarke’s art? There’s a pleasant and subtle grotesqueness to his art. It’s one of the things that make Batman and Robin #12 so enjoyable. The slow burn toward something big is really enjoyable. Morrison knows his storycraft; there isn’t a panel or word unnecessary. I’m beginning to like Damian, he’s growing into something interesting. We also get more clues heading to the time-travel adventures of Bruce Wayne. Looking forward to Mr. Peabody, Sherman and the gang using the Wayback Machine to track him down. As to the last page and the big reveal, DA-YUMN! A nice way to celebrate a year of this title.

This week’s Muppet Show #5 was interesting. As the various iterations and series progress, Langridge seems to be chaffing at the “show” part of the title. The early issues were very much episodes in comic book form. Now we’re getting a more extended plots and more focus on interactions backstage. This isn’t a criticism by any means. The book still proves to be enjoyable and clever if evolving into something more.

Jesse mentioned concern about a new artist. Meberson proved herself capable of capturing the Muppet look during her stint on Muppet Peter Pan. So it still looks great. Meberson has a clean and polished look that’s a treat to view. On the downside, there’s a certain manic quality that is now missing. It’s also more jarring than you might expect to see the characters in full figure more often.

I will briefly mention that

1. GI Joe: Origins #15 wasn’t so much an origin issue as it was a decent fish-out-of-water story dealing with Snowjob.

2. I’ve got a white ring now. Looks like I’ll be coming back from the dead in a non-zombie fashion.

3. Someone else is going to have to review Brightest Day. #0 didn’t hold my interest enough to invest.


5 comments on “Game Tape: All is right with the world

  1. Jesse says:

    There’s really someone called “Snowjob”? How did that get past the censors???

  2. Matt says:

    Right…well, the ’80’s were a simpler time. Folks were more innocent back then.

  3. Saint Walker says:

    Eh, Brightest Day #0 wasn’t all that. It was basically Deadman (Liveman?) going Quantum Leap meets Ghost of Brightest Day Present and popping in on the resurrected heroes and villains. Yeah, apparently, there must be some reason why these 12 were brought back. (Wow, brilliant revelation, huh?)
    Oh, and some mysterious entity wants Brand to help him live, and Sinestro found the white lantern that landed in Silver City. Overall, it was basically, “Here are the people that stuff is going to start happening to, in case you weren’t familiar with them.” On the other hand, there was enough that occurred with a couple of the story arcs that it might leave you somewhat confused if you picked them up without reading this one. I don’t know; I haven’t picked up #1, yet.

    • Jesse says:

      “Here are the people that stuff is going to start happening to, in case you weren’t familiar with them.”

      Brilliant! I think I’m going to steal that every time I read a generic #1 issue.

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