This Week’s Comics

It’s a solid week!  I’m excited enough to use exclamation points!! Here’s what I’m looking at this week!!!

BATMAN #699 – Believe it or not, I actually enjoyed the previous issue of Batman.  I’m also completely psyched for issue #700 and Return of Bruce Wayne.
BATMAN RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE #1 (OF 6) – I’ve surprised myself by digging the concept of “Batman Through Time,” so I’m hoping there’s some extra page count here that will convince me to pay up the extra $1.
JUSTICE LEAGUE GENERATION LOST #1 – I LOATHE what DC has done to Max Lord in the last few years, and when they had the opportunity to fix things after Blackest Night, they chose not to.  Still, I enjoy the creators and I’m curious enough to see how the JLI-era Leaguers respond to New Max that I’m willing to give it a try.
MUPPET SHOW TP VOL 03 ON THE ROAD – This was a GREAT story-arc, and it just wrapped up.  Now you get the chance to pick it up for $10!  It’s deal enough that I’m thinking about moving to trades on this title.  At any rate, this one is a winner.
WOLVERINE #900 – Enough with the fake anniversary issues, Marvel, you money-grubbers.

I’ve also been poring through the rest of the FCBD releases I picked up a week ago.  I found both of Marvel’s entries –Iron Man/Thor and Iron Man/Nova — were both forgettable stories, that must have been put out solely to capitalize on the movie.  Nova?  Really, Marvel?  I was never much of a G.I. Joe reader, but I thought the IDW #155 1/2 — a bridge between Marvel’s #155 and IDW’s new #156 — was pretty good! The writing and art were both solid and it felt like a full-length story for a Free Comic Book Day book.  Dynamite’s Green Hornet, on the other hand, was a waste.  I was hoping for a guide to the umpteen Hornet books they’re releasing to make the most of their license, but what we got was a hodge-podge of random pages from books, some of which weren’t even finished yet.  I can’t imagine anyone picking up this preview and being inspired to check out one of the new Green Hornet books.

Brightest Day sparked up a little conversation last week, which was nice.  I did indeed pick up #1.  Whatever else is said about the book, you definitely get a good amount of comic for your $3, which is a
refreshing change of pace.  I’m most likely done with it, but it really is a decent read with a solid art team, I just don’t really care about the characters or events enough to keep picking it up.  However…I’m getting increasingly frustrated with creators tweaking or adding powers and abilities to already-established characters in order to make some sort of point once, and then it’s forced to be incorporated into canon.  Aquaman’s bulletproof? Really???

I also gave in and read Justice League: Cry for Justice last week.  It did have a couple moments that rang true for me, but for the most part (especially the torture scenes) I found our protagonists acting uncharacteristically and despicably, especially Ray Palmer, who’s apparently going to try to out-Pym Hank to be the biggest dick.  See also his scene explaining how he and Green Arrow were never friends for a good example of changing characters to prove some random point.  It was dark and gruesome for no good reason, which I disliked.  Robinson said in his text piece to #6 that it was by design, so knowing that he got the comic he set out to write, he succeeds.  It’s just that the comic he wanted to write wasn’t the one I wanted to read. The art by Mauro Cascioli was absolutely fantastic, though, until the issue #7 fill-in’s by Scott Clark and Ibraim Roberson ruined an otherwise stellar part of the book.

That’s it for me.  What are YOU looking at?


2 comments on “This Week’s Comics

  1. Matt says:

    I thought Aquaman was always relatively bullet proof. I remember the logic being that his body was ultra dense to withstand the pressures of the deep oceans. I’m torn on the Generation Lost book. I don’t really care for Judd Winick. As much as I like that iteration of the team, I’ll wait for the trade.

    • Jesse says:

      Dense I’m familiar with. Bulletproof? I dunno.

      I’m willing to give GL the first issue, but I forgot that Winick was involved…I guess the other guys made me gloss over him.

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