Your Fuzzy Little Super-List!

Sure, Super-dog is a Super-man’s best friend, but not everyone gets a Krypto (or even a Beppo the Super-Monkey).  And everyone needs a sidekick, even if just a furry one.  Superpets are a Super-Person’s best friend.  Here are some of the ones you don’t often hear about.

  • Supergirl’s pet vole, Diggy the Super-Vole

  • Power Girl’s twin pets, El Efty and Mr. Wright

  • Wonder Woman’s Manx Cat, Suffering Sappho

  • Wolverine’s kitten Felicity

  • Barry Allen’s pet turtle, who was also involved in the freak accident that transformed him into The Flash

  • Badrock’s pet rock, Dolomite

  • Dr. Octopus’s pet squid, Octy

  • Scott Summer’s clownfish, Jeffie

  • Spawn’s schnoodle, Vickie

  • Herbie Popnecker’s pot-bellied elephant and monkey with 4 asses

  • Jeph Loeb’s pet Rob called Rob Liefeld

  • Dr. Doom’s dwarf rabbit, RICHARDS!!!

  • Iron-Man’s pet bottle of Winston Supreme Canadian Whiskey, called Eric

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