Game Tape: short-shorts

There’s not much new to talk about this week. I’ll be brief on the books that sound like I’m repeating myself.

Robinson’s Justice League of America is disjointed and unsure whether it wants to be a JSA or a JLA book. The pacing of the story is off here again too. Character wise, the team still isn’t a team; too many people acting as lone agents. So we’re still waiting for people and things to gel.

A couple of years ago in Charlotte, I got to talk to Jeff Parker, and we had a conversation about the Agents of Atlas characters appearing in an issue of What If…?. We specifically talked about 3-D Man/ Triathlete and his status as a retcon. So basically, “I’m a PC and Atlas #1 was my idea.” It’s a swell start with a good mystery going for it despite having a lack of Atlas members. The issue focuses on the current 3-D Man tracking our kookie gang. Woo and company play a secondary role. The back-up material is good too. The 2nd feature has some nice overtones of “Plan 9 from Outer Space.” And we’ll leave it at that.

On a whim, I picked up Avengers #1. It sets a more positive tone than we’ve seen in the Marvel Universe. It builds directly off of the events in Siege #4. Fences are being mended and people are figuring out their purpose in the world. Before Siege, I probably hadn’t picked up a Bendis book since Powers went on hiatus over at Image. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the sharpness of the story-telling. Will I pick up more of the series? We’ll see. From previews, I’m much more interested in Brubaker’s Secret Avengers. And since when did Spider-Man get such a potty mouth? Damns and $#*&!’s all over the place.

On a side note, it’s early in the game, but this company wide theme of “The Heroic Age” might live up to it’s name more so than any bright days that we’ve been promised.

This week’s GI Joe was a fun read. Muppet Snow White was solid too, but I’m not sold on this particular artist. It’s too cartoony.

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