Random Links for Your Weekend

It’s been a while, so here’s a healthy batch of linkage.  This’ll keep you busy for a while!

  • I’ve talked a lot about the Incredible Hercules, but less about his sidekick Amadeus Cho.  That’s unfortunate, because he brings a huge amount of heart to the book.  Comics Alliance gives us his 7 Most Brilliant Moments.
  • Chris Sims has a solid post on jumping into the Legion.  I can’t stand them them but Matt’s been getting sucked in, and sometimes you just have to love the people your friends love.
  • The finger-pointing and back-stabbing begins.  Sure, they’re trying to cover it up (for now), but it’s only a matter of time.  It will come to no surprise to anyone who followed the daga of the Image 10th Anniversary Hardcover that Todd McFarlane is behind the delays.
  • Jeff Parker talks Agents of Atlas.
  • In Transformers news, Shia La Boef (French for “Shia the Beef”) acknowledges that Transformers 2 (and the latest Indiana Jones) were stinky piles of crap.  In other “Dept of the Obvious News,” Megan Fox and Jive-Talking Robot Twins are out of TF3.
  • Is it just me, or does this Jonah Hex trailer look…I dunno…Awful?  Note to Hollywood: Yes, Megan Fox is a mostly-functional fembot, but go for human women who can act.  Still, she’s just what a Fathom movie would require. 
  • It’s a little too “here’s a story about me” for my taste, but The Onion also has a nice piece on Mystery Science Theater 3000, and what makes it so special.
  • They’ve also got a great interview with Grant Morrison, where he strikes just the right amount of honesty about how awesome All-Star Superman is.
  • In the interest of self-promotion while I’m sending you elsewhere in the Intarwebz, don’t forget to hit us up on Facebook.

And that’s it for this go-round.  I think I’ve set some sort of link record for myself here…

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