Monday, Monday: can’t trust that day.

This link has no relevance to the subject of comics. It does, however, relate to things near and dear to my heart and the hearts of many that read this blog. In a tangential sort of way, our friend David hipped me to this page of random beauty. The odd thing is that David alternately encourages and bemoans my interests and odd flights of fancy. There aren’t many truer friends around.

Anyway… I don’t really want to say more as the joy is in the discovery.

Check it out. It’s totally safe for work. I guarantee it.

2 comments on “Monday, Monday: can’t trust that day.

  1. Jesse says:

    Insane…I wonder which came first: that, or this?

  2. Saint Walker says:

    Selleck beat Nimoy by a couple months.
    I was introduced to the celebrity-food-location meme a couple months ago (I think it was Bea Arthur Cake Mountain), and my response was disbelieving bewilderment. In all three cases I can remember (Bea and these two), I actually really like all three things, but the bizarre combinations that I see (with a few exceptions) just make me go, “Huh?” Well, that and wish I had as much free time on my hands as some of these people.

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