This Week’s Comics

With the cleanup of Asgard going slowly, looks like it’s up to me to prognosticate which books will be picked up and which books will be left behind. Strap yourself in; I’m going to do my thing and hope it’s a passable substitute for Jesse.

We’ll start with the obvious one: Muppet Show #6 is out this week. Langridge is still at the helm of the book, but he’s given the art chores over to another artist. Last month it was Amy Meberson. Insanity and a thoroughly enjoyable read will certainly ensue with this combination.

The there’s the continuing story of Brightest Day. The third installment will certainly further the mystery of Boston Brand being alive and Aquaman using telepathy to call on dead fish. Since the first issue, I’ve taken a pass. That doesn’t mean that souls more brave than I shouldn’t pick it up.

Hercules, Twilight of a god #1 is probably something that will appeal to Jesse. It’s written by Bob Layton, who wrote Prince of Power. It’s a mini and $3.99 a pop, but maybe it’s worth the trade.

DC’s is bringing back the Joker’s Asylum for a second round. Last year’s event took us to some dark places even given the villainy of it’s focal points: Joker, Two-Face, Poison Ivy, and Scarecrow. A different set of up and comings bring this year’s weekly to life. It begins this week with Riddler. I’m thinking of picking it up if it passes the flip test; it passes the price-point test already.

A book that looks pretty good based on the previews is Avengers, Prime #1. At 3.99 though, it’ll have to wait for the trade. I’m really looking forward to the Alan Davis artwork.

I don’t know if Jesse took my advice or not, but Ironhide #2 is out this week. Alternating between past and present day, we should have some more clues as to why everybody’s grizzled warrior is back from the dead.

Well, that’ll about do it for me.

On a personal note, I leave tomorrow for Charlotte, North Carolina. I’m attending this year’s Heroes Convention. If you’re headed that way too, look for me. I’ll buy you a drink at the hotel bar. I’ll be the guy with the friendly mutton chops and the four-pocketed shirt.


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