A Little Housekeeping and a Big Thank You

A couple weeks ago Matt and I revealed to each other that we each had certain goals we’d like to see for the blog.  Matt’s was that he wanted to see us reach 500 hits in a month.  We were painfully close in April, with 499, so it seemed reasonable.  In May, however, we blew by that and reached 670.  Not an Intarweb milestone, but a big deal for us.

Thanks to everyone who swings by every day.  Whether you stop by for our weird take on superheroes or you’re looking for  milo and otis or grumpy old men, thanks.  So tell your friends, hit us up on the Facebook, and come back tomorrow.  Matt’s off exploring the wilderness of something called “HeroesCon,” so you’re stuck with me for a little while.


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