An idea worth sharing

Early this year or late last, I wrote a piece about the dilemma of storing and organizing comics in a way that is both space efficient and easy to access. Recently, a mutual friend of ours, that never reads the blog, came up with a novel solution to the longbox problem: File cabinets. Rakmo* bought some reasonably priced cabinets from an office supply company and has begun storing his comics there-in. While more expensive than the long boxes or even the drawer-boxes, this solution is far superior for several reasons. They fit all of the qualifications I’m looking for in a storage device. Rakmo’s solution is so appealing that I’m looking to invest in some of filing cabinets myself.

What are these advantages?

1. One drawer holds more than a long box. The dimensions are such on a standard drawer that you can store two long boxes worth of comics! A four drawer cabinet, holds eight long boxes more compactly.

2. They’re sturdier, more durable, and protect better from possible water damage. Metal or heavy cardboard, it’s a no-brainer. This system is going to outlast you.

3. Easy access, Easy Access, EASY ACCESS!!!

4. More compact and it looks like legitimate furniture. The cabinets that Rakmo bought are 15 inches wide, 26.5 deep, and 52 high. Eight long boxes take up more space than that and shouldn’t be stacked that high.

5. Most appealing for someone like Jesse, file cabinets are infinitely easier to move. Slide a dolly underneath and cart off 8 boxes in one fell swoop. What could be easier?

Anyway, I’m so impressed with this idea that I wanted to share it with you. Any other ideas regarding storage floating around out there?

* Rakmo is not his real name, but I didn’t ask for permission to write about him on the blog.

5 comments on “An idea worth sharing

  1. Jesse says:

    I love it! Is #5 for me because I move a lot, or because I have more long boxes than a human should?

    Either way, I expect I’ll give this a try.

    PS – Heather will love you for this.

    • Matt says:

      A little from column A, a little from column B.

      You know, I just remembered where I saw something like this. When we visited the antediluvian Mile High Comics in Thornton. Some of their back issues were stored in what appeared to be custom file cabinets.

      Although, I remember that being rather solid and a single unit.

      • Jesse says:

        Yeah, I guess that is pretty much what they use. Think how much Chuck could have saved if he bought off the rack!

  2. Saint Walker says:

    That’s actually a good idea. My collection’s still too young to be this large, but it’s on the verge of needing to be better organized. Right now I’ve basically got a big plastic box divided into Superman-family, Green Lantern-family, and Other. Not exactly the best system with crossovers, either.

    BTW, I haven’t heard from Rakmo in years (presuming that’s the one I know and not his Bizarro counterpart). He was going to be my private go-to doctor when I turned masked vigilante. Of course, that hasn’t really gotten off the ground yet, but I still haven’t seen Kickass yet, so we’ll see what happens after that. 😛

    • Jesse says:

      The last time I heard, Rakmo had a pretty unique filing system, too. As long as you can find what you’re looking for, it’s all good.

      Sometimes I think about filing all my comics into chronological (to me) order a la High Fidelity.

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