Sunnytime Review Show: Green Lantern Edition

Oh, Geoff Johns…How you vex me!

Green Lantern #54 is such a mixed bag of awesomeness and awfulness, I just don’t know what to think about this title anymore.  It’s true that comic readers want mysteries, answers, and explanations, but do we really have to draw out every single painful second of that process?  Kyle Rayner got his ring in 2 pages.  At this point we’ve spent more time just watching different characters trying to LIFT the white lantern.

There’s a not-so-fine line between suspense and mind-numbing tedium,  and the War of Light has gone over to the side of over-exposure.  Still, there are some great scenes (which I am about to shamelessly  SPOIL) in this comic!  The opening, with a train robbery gone  horribly, horribly wrong thanks to a memorable appearance by Dex-Star,  was hilarious.  We close with a gratuitous Lobo appearance right out  of 1993 that, for whatever reason, struck me just right.

This issue ended on a good enough note for me to come back for #55, but I’m putting Green Lantern on notice to start being more interesting.

One comment on “Sunnytime Review Show: Green Lantern Edition

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