Geeked out Arts and Crafts!

If you’re bored and a fan of Green Lantern, I’ve got a couple of special treats for you.

First up is a link to instructions on how to cast a resin GL ring. It’s a step by step process with a materials list included. There are additional instructions for making a glowing ring! I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks user friendly for a beginner like myself. It also seems reasonable to extrapolate this process for the fabrication of other resin items (a Legion Flight Ring?)

What good is a ring without a power battery? Here’s how to make one on the cheap. This one requires less skill and specialized materials. It’s also functional in that it lights up (WARNING lantern will not charge actual or fabricated rings).

Go out there and get crazy with some fun!

8 comments on “Geeked out Arts and Crafts!

  1. Saint Walker says:

    Or you could shell out the $48 for the official glowing BN set of 9. Either way, it seems kind of expensive. Maybe I’ll just have to be happy with my non-glowing seven (plus the metal “Honor Guard” with the worn finish).

    Still, the flight ring is one worth considering. I still can’t believe the Flash reboot got a promo ring and LSH didn’t. I mean, I know there are probably a lot more Jesse’s than Matt’s out there, but still. A ring with a costume in it, that most people don’t even know exists, or a ring that everyone that’s ever heard of the Legion knows about, that lets you FLY? Come on!

    I hadn’t seen that battery before, either. I never would have imagined you could have a life-size, glowing battery for so little. Not sure how easy (or cheap) it would be to find the materials in France, but I’ll be keeping my eye out. Thanks for the link.

    • Matt says:

      A lot of people were wondering the same thing about the rings in Charlotte. In not so many words, the answer was, “We dropped the ball there.” Sattler also lamely offered the excuse that he thought we might be tired of rings.

      As to the battery making, you don’t think you can translate the plans into something more general? It doesn’t have to be the exact parts. The general shape is the important thing.

    • Jesse says:

      By “more Jesse’s” do you mean Legion haters?

      I think I’m going to go halfway and try to hollow out a couple spare promo rings I got last summer.

  2. Saint Walker says:

    Also, you don’t know for a fact that it won’t charge your rings, do you? Hope burns bright, my man, hope burns bright. πŸ˜‰

    • Matt says:

      Let me rephrase it then, any charging of rings is purely coincidental.

      • Jesse says:

        Well, you could always keep the battery in the battery and let the leads connect to the LED in the ring when you touch it.

      • Saint Walker says:

        (Replying to Jesse)
        I was thinking way more ambitiously about having a capacitor in the ring with a one-way resistance circuit for fast charging and slow discharging. Your solution seems far easier and more practical, though.

        Now, the ultimate ring (that seems feasible to me with current known Earth technologies) would be a metal (or metal-looking) ring with hidden contacts so you could charge it against an accompanying battery (hmm, voice-activated lock on using the battery?), and then the center (or maybe the whole face) is actually a highly translucent lens covering a bright LED with parabolic dish, so when you touch a discreet spot on the ring, it lights up and projects a beam of green light out of the ring. Bring that baby to a night club with a fog machine, and whoo-wee, everybody knows what a huge nerd you are, but they’re also mildly impressed by your ring.

    • Jesse says:


      That *IS* pretty ambitious, but would be awesome. If you build it (or anything Green Lantern and glowy), we’ll post the pictures. Deal?

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