We here at LEMUR, have been given a really big break. Through many back channels and dealings with shadowy men and women in shadowy garages, we have received three pages of JMS’s script for Superman #706. This scene is squarely set within his Grounded storyline.

As you may or may not know, this storyline has Superman reconnecting with America and Americans by walking across country. During this trek he encounters average people and their average problems. How does he react? How do we average people react to someone so super(?)? What does he learn? What can we learn from a man who straddles two worlds?

Perhaps there are clues in this exclusive sneak preview.


This is a four panel page with normal borders. The panels should run horizontally.

Panel 1

Basically a crane shot looking down a typical suburban street with ranch style houses. We see a lone figure walking in the middle of the street (Clark Kent). The sun is setting, it’s dusk or nearly. In the distance, on the street maybe a car pulling into a driveway? Something to establish that people are getting home from work.


Thornton, a suburb of Denver

Panel 2

A dolly shot of Clark walking past a house. Clark is wearing a plaid flannel shirt with khaki pants. He’s carrying a green army rucksack over his shoulder, and he’s whistling. There’s dialogue on this panel, but it’s spoken by characters in the distance. With Clark’s super-hearing, he’ll hear it clearly, but we need to make it look “distant.”

Male voice1

Well dear, what do you want to do for dinner?

Female voice2

I don’t know sweetie, I decided last night. It’s your turn.


You wanna go out?


Maybe. I don’t want to have to change my clothes.

Panel 3

Essentially the same shot, but Clark is outside a different house. No longer whistling, the look on his face shows interest or intrigue. Someone listening intently. The Distant voices are near now. Coming from this house.


How about Mexican?


Ummmm… Chinese?


This looks like a job…

Panel 4

Close up of Clark’s face. He’s removing his glasses and setting his jaw to square determination.




This page is three panels. Panel 1 runs across the page and is half of the page. The second and third are underneath it sitting side by side.

Panel 1

House interior: facing the front door. Superman fills the opened door’s frame. The owner of the male voice is standing there astounded and speechless. As is his wife (the owner of the female voice), both are in their early thirties and have that young professional look.


Good evening folk’s. I couldn’t help but hear your dilemma. I was in the neighborhood. Maybe I can be of help. At any rate, I’d like to give it a try




What my erudite husband means is welcome to our house Superman.

Wife 2

What do you mean help?

Panel 2

Close-up of Superman. His face shows that he’s patiently explaining something.


Well folks, you sounded like you were trying to make a big decision.

Superman 2

Going out isn’t the only option. I see you’ve got quite a full refrigerator.

Why not make a meal together?

Superman 3

You could talk about your respective days. Reconnect and relax.

Cooking together is a great social activity.

Superman 4

And why not skip dessert? Take a walk around your neighborhood.

Meet some of your neighbors and have some exercise too.

Panel 3

Kitchen interior. Through the window, we see Superman walking outside in the twilight, whistling. The couple are happily preparing a meal together.


You know, that Superman’s a regular guy.

He was right. This is fun.


Yeah! Too bad he wouldn’t stay for dinner.

I’ve got so many questions I’ve always wanted to ask him.


We’ve got a splash page here. It’s a deserted highway. There are mountains on the left hand side, and Clark walks along the road into the sunset carrying his rucksack. He’s wearing a plaid flannel shirt and khaki pants. There’s a highway sign that reads, “DENVER 8 Miles.”


Feeling out of touch with humans and Americans in particular,

Superman decided to reconnect with them.

To share and experience their hopes, fears, and desires. In order to do this, he must be…



“I want to do whatever common people do.”




Eddy Barrows




Eddie Berganza


Superman Created by

Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster

*Or totally made up having nothing to do with JMS or the actual Grounded story line in any way shape of form.

2 comments on “SNEAK PREVIEW!!!*

  1. Saint Walker says:

    Haha, what’s really, really sad is that I had to read the footnote to be absolutely sure this was a joke. :/

    I love the Man of Steel, and I’m not going to cancel my subscription just because he’s going Forrest Gump for a year. I just hope he’s not going to be as emo as he seems in what previews I’ve seen the whole damn time. For now, I’m just going to turn off my cynicism and tell myself it’s going to be like the old Jimmy Olsen comics. That’s… that’s a good thing, right?

  2. […] make it a point to stop into a comic shop to pick up Superman #701. Those of you who remember the “leaked” pages will probably wonder why I would do such a thing. Simply, there are moments when I prefer not to be […]

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