Some people are looking for a good starter home. Some are looking for a place to retire. Others are looking for a base of operations for either heroic deeds or less altruistic purposes. For those that can get a loan or pay cash/ bars of gold up front, it’s a buyer’s market. What exactly is out there on the market?

Van.  Black.  Heavy-duty security system.  Blood stains and bullet
holes may be present.  Any ammo you find you can keep. You can sleep
in it.  Call Frank.

Sprawling historic estate in fashionable Westchester County, New York. Upstate mansion and accompanying grounds recently rebuilt from the ground up. Amenities include: tennis courts, swimming pool, 10 suite style bedrooms with baths, open basement and 2 armored sub-basements/ bunkers, outbuildings that can serve as mother-in-law apartments, 78 acres of land, code entry gates, spacious rumpus room, underground hangar, excellent school district, finished attic with skylight, modern kitchen with state of the art appliances. Lawn needs to be resodded after recent Sentinel attack. $38,000,000. MLS# 60004134076922

Four floors of a landmark Manhattan skyscraper.  VERY modern
appliances and portal to Negative Zone included.  Visitors can and
will include Moloids, Doombots, Lava Men, Super-Apes, Skrulls,
Inhumans, Atlanteans, Goom, Gorum, Goo-Gam, Groot, Galactus and any or
all of his heralds, and past, future, or alternate dimensional
versions of yourself.  No forwarding address will be left.
$14,000,000,000 MLS# 314159265358979323846264338327950288

John James Audubon Warehouse near Gotham harbor. Great potential as converted for lofts. Previous owner refurbished with avian theme. 14,000 square feet of space. Easy access to water w/ underground boat dock. Serious inquiries only. The Cobblepot Group.

Private Island in the Gulf of Mexico with large multipurpose buildings. Great fixer-upper for first-time island owner. Main building and out buildings in need of minor to moderate repair. Power plant and island infrastructure 85% intact. Harbor can accommodate submarines, yachts, schooners, and aircraft carriers. Unexploded ordinance to be removed at purchaser’s expense. Priced to sell. Contact Extensive Enterprises.

Looking for a weekend getaway? This listing is a secluded hideaway
with guaranteed SOLITUDE, located north of Metropolis. Easy access to
all points south. Includes spacious family room, laboratory, private
zoo, MASTER SUITE + 10 BR, 3 BATH. Handcrafted golden door with custom
keyed entry. Previous owner mildly ego-centric. Everything in house is
monogrammed. 90,1938 sqft of living space. $2.5 Million MLS #90721367.
Contact Pete Ross.

Room for Rent in Queens two-story.  Small but homey, with original
owner.  Griddlecakes available every morning.  Skylight and large
window with an established tree.  Shared Bathroom.  Contact May

Abandoned Playing Card Factory.  Abandoned Comedy Club.  Abandoned
Warehouse by the Docks.  MUST SELL!  Available together or separately.
Will accept any reasonable offer.  May still contain deathtraps,
pockets of poison gas, or unusual fish.  Contact Joseph Kerr.  MLS

Multilevel New England Mountain Home with Atlantic Coast Access.
Situated in the picaresque town of Happy Harbor, with open floor plan.
In house powerplant and sea access. Ideal for entertaining large
groups. Possible use as seaside inn. Currently Zoned as Superhero Base
Type 3.

Stately Manor in Exclusive Bristol! Short drive from downtown Gotham
City. Well preserved Civil War era manse sports secret passages and
old world architecture coupled with state-of-the-art security system.
Stables, private dock, and 37 car garage.  Library comes with antique
bust of Shakespeare.  Elaborate cave system underneath the property
may be dangerous for small children.  Extensive gymnasium/laboratory.
Window broken by bat must be replaced. Family cemetery moved at purchaser’s expense. Contact Realtor, M. Malone to inquire.


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