When we were starting out, we put it to a vote. We'd either be a superhero group or a super boy band.


Like "Patch" and "Logan," Troll is just another alias for Wolverine.


We'll save the world anywhere or anytime, provided we can be near a tv between nine and ten pm (central). Shaft refuses to miss an episode of "The Good Wife."


The hardest part of being us is getting stopped by security at every airport.


Avengers have the Quinjet, Fantastic Four has the Fantasticar, us? We've got a '97 Ford Taurus stationwagon.


And now…


4 comments on “YOUNGBLOOD…SECRETS!

  1. Hoyt Spivey says:

    Say, that one fella next to Die Hard’s got some wicked scoliosis.

  2. Jesse says:

    Thank you, sir. Well played, knowing that the way to a happy birthday is through frizzy hair and poor anatomy.

  3. Matt says:

    I’m liking the fact that he tried to draw feet for each character. He’d almost get one on each. The other looks more like a horse’s hoof.

    • Jesse says:

      He must have created Badrock just so he could get away with just drawing tree trunks. I don’t know what Cougar’s deal is. I’m going with “perspective.”

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