I stand by my previous comment that the first page of All Star Superman #1 is the most perfectly crafted page in comics’ history. The above page might be number two on that list. Coming from Amazing Spider-Man we see Otto returning to Aunt May in a scene that reads like it’s the prelude to a fan-fic story about Doc Ock and Aunt May getting it on.

5 comments on “Uh…errrrrr…yeah…

  1. Hoyt Spivey says:

    Showers with his sunglasses on… now that’s pimp.

  2. Jesse says:

    Ummm…When did Doc Ock get so ripped?

  3. Matt says:

    I’ve been told that the love of a good woman sometimes drives a man to improve himself.

    I’ve also been informed that regular/ frequent sexual activity is as invigorating and beneficial as time in the gym. So…you know…

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