By the power of Greyskull, I HAVE THE LIST!

If He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is to be believed, Eternia is a planet of “people” with freakish and specialized gifts. Everybody was either deformed in such a way to indicate their career path, or they were augmented cyborgs. What follows is a list of lesser known denizens of Eternia.

Protraktor – plower of fields, cutter of grass and measurer of angles

Man-About-Town – Courageous dandy from the stars

Bat-Man – the Batman of Eternia

Friz Bea – Eternia’s Ultimate Champion and fierce female warrior

Lady-Of-The-Night (this one pretty much explains itself)

Prince Ipall – Skeletor’s abominable administrator of schools…of evil!

Terrardactyl – Skeletor’s evil scourge of the skies

Drunkor – Treacherous two-fisted brawler and vomiter

Al Pakka – Llama farmer and Eternia’s best producer of warm wool and meat

Gyros – Supreme Maker of Eternian Greek Cuisine

Snikker-Snakk – Expert swordsman armed with the Vorpal Sword (TM) accessory

Lumbor Jak – cross dressing guardian of the Galactic Forest and wielder of the Axe of Might

Barakko Bama – President of Eternia

Puglee – Eternia’s brave and true cauliflower eared pugilist

Fuglee – bar wench who plies Eternia’s heroes with free drinks in order to ensnare them

Guv-nar – Eternia’s brave British person

Jokor, Smokor, and Midnight Tokor – Trio of slacker burnouts and greek chorus

Eldor – Eternia’s oldest citizen and wise counselor to He-Man

Santorclas – Benevolent gift giving elf of Eternia

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