Mashup Fever!

Remember Amalgam, the DC/Marvel experiment that mashed up your favorite characters from two universes?  It gave us such memorable characters as Doctor Strangefate, Super-Soldier, Iron Lantern, and The X-Citing X-Patrol!  Well, those aren’t the only characters they thought up.  For this week’s LIST we humbly submit Unused Amalgam Characters.

  • Steel and Iron Fist – Steely Dan
  • Tinkerer and Tempest – The Tinkler
  • Ray Palmer and Lockjaw – Atomic Dog
  • Vibe and Richter – Vibrator
  • Night Thrasher and Doctor Mid-Nite – Dr. Nite-Nite
  • Cyclops, Nick Fury, and Deathstroke the Terminator – Tryclops
  • Batman and The Incredible Hulk – One Punch

  • Tony Stark and Raven – Drinky Crow

  • Barry Allen and Blob – Cannonball Run

  • Namor and Gorilla Grodd – The Gorilla-Mariner

  • Captain Marvel and The Blue Shield – The Big Blue Cheese

  • US 1 and Granny Goodness – Mother Trucker

  • The Vulture, Guy Gardner, and Blue Beetle – The Teal

  • Foggy Nelson, Ben Reilly, and Dr. Midnite – Charles Nelson Reilly


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